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1. An expression in Spanish meaning "cool" use in Mexico mostly in the state of Baja California.

2. Suave also means "soft" in Spanish.
La fiesta estuvo bien suave porque hubo mucho pisto.

The party was sick because there was a lot of booze.
by wacha1 January 24, 2009
Having an air of confidence, courtesy, and intelligence. A stylish attitude, with high self-esteem.
Tom was really confident and nice today; he had a lot of suave.
by Tom Kane May 30, 2014
Meaning very fresh, pimp, and cool.
Dude, that new haircut is so suave.
Wow! Those new glasses are suave!
by SuavieBoi August 07, 2013
Suave is good word to use instead of cool, ausuem, interesting.. just another word to describe something positive and amusing. Sometimes you can use it to describe something posh, snazzy, to describe something smart and of high standards. It may describe something smooth and easy going, nothing edgy and hard to get by.
1.Oh my god Imogen is such a suave person!
2.Omg right i dont know whats more suave my goldfish or my cat
3.Our neighbors car is so suave, i wish i was as suave as them
4.That gig was so feakin suave!
5. That boy is a suave dresser
by SnazzyAxle September 22, 2009
A term that means kick ass, sweet, cool, awesome, amazing, tubular, groovy, and so on.
Iggy Pop is fucking suave.
by SuperSonicx August 24, 2006
A really hott guy with a look that can only be explained by the word suave
wow look at suave, he is so hott!
by daryl poladenko May 02, 2006
The act of public masturbation. Most commonly in schools, and/or parks. Afterwards most people "suaving" partake in eating or tasting their excretements.
"Dude, did you just see that kid suaving?"
"That guy just pulled a suave!"
by Alpharius120 January 29, 2009