The act of public masturbation. Most commonly in schools, and/or parks. Afterwards most people "suaving" partake in eating or tasting their excretements.
"Dude, did you just see that kid suaving?"
"That guy just pulled a suave!"
by Alpharius120 January 29, 2009
A word used by freshman of 2009 in Minooka High School. Meaning cool, or badass. Made to make fun of sophmores for making their own words.
Alex Wielbek is so suave.
by b-rant double dizzle April 13, 2009
a black tie that cool people wear
Dang that guy is wear a suave.
by Jonas Li October 20, 2007
somebody with smooth qualities like nikhil
that kid is suave like nikhil.
by ngu March 27, 2005
pretends to own other peoples homes
This is Suave's house, even though you have the paper work to it
by DiscoFever March 21, 2003
A fan of decidedly average music. Often living in denial of said fact.

Also, a lover of teh cock.
Suave, Idlewild are SHIT!
by Sekt March 21, 2003
The complete and full definition of suave is-

Nick LeBart.
Omg, he is sexily suave!!
by The man March 23, 2005

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