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A single from the virtual band Gorillaz (In my opinion the greatest band ever) featuring Mos Def and Bobby Womack released in 2010.
Stylo is one of my favorite songs along with feel good inc and clint eastwood
by Ryry67dude June 18, 2010
54 23
anotha word 4 style mostly used by oreintals "asians"
yo u got a bangin stylo!
by gowin November 10, 2003
63 49
A cfg hacker. Some who uses .0001 interp and when faced with a wwcl anti-cfg program, he goes 0-12.
An azn boy from new york.
by Anonymous January 26, 2003
3 7
A girl/boy who's totally obsessed with fashion.
A girl who always wear things witch are very fashionable. She wears a;ways everything from the latest fashion.
by Regarder April 06, 2005
34 56