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anotha word 4 style mostly used by oreintals "asians"
yo u got a bangin stylo!
by gowin November 10, 2003
anotha one of mollys great words hints:guys like it tight we put our pic-ot<look dat up 2!> in it haha give up? haha molly has a nice one means vagina
gowin- o yea!yea babii... huh? a example wat da fuk? get da fuk outa here
by gowin November 13, 2003
iz a mans genitailia, and for the dumb people means its a mans wang, and the stubider people it means penis (thank 2 molly)
molly- yo, u sexii azn u got a nice pi-cot
by gowin November 10, 2003

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