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The Competitive acting section of Speech and Debate. It's neither speech nor debate, but it doesn't matter because it's a damn good time.
Who the fuck invited Interp to the party?" "I don't know, but he brought cocaine. BOOYAH!
by Fivefjaklsd;jfa November 17, 2010
10 1
(this is aimed at people who have latered interp from default)

The size of your penis measured in mm
"damn interper"
by Coldy August 03, 2003
3 13
ng got owned with locked interp on OGN.
by anonymous March 20, 2003
1 12
rd got assfucked by locked interp on OGN
by haRHaRHa March 23, 2003
2 15
man that Si|en7- guy from laR is heeps map i know he does interp because i saw him play on a locked interp server and he still pwned
by JAY AY WON NUM April 01, 2003
0 15
fu dan u interping homosexual imho u never hit his head blood was half a mile off him so fu die cfg hacks
by Chris ownij Cutts February 03, 2003
2 34