Term used to describe the faint, tiny hairs seen on a woman's lower back, and posterior. Usually only visible in perfect light.

Note: "styles" are visible only in uni-directional light. e.g. - angled position. They are not instantly visible. If hairs are prominent, this does not constitute "styles," and is just considered "lower back hair."

In 1995, Driscoll's® released a F.A.Q. on their site, regarding the berries they sell. The question was asked, "What are those tiny little hairs on berries called?" Driscoll's® responded:

"The small hairs on raspberries/blackberries/strawberries are called "styles." They are a female part of the flower, which is a natural part of the fruit, and are completely safe and natural. They can range in length and in color from light blonde to brown/black. They can be visible and more prevalent on some berries and hardly noticeable on others, depending on the particular berry plant."
"The sunlight hit her back just right so that her styles were showing. Sexy AF."

In photos of girls with fantastic asses and back dimples, these tiny hairs are a bonus, and can be experienced as a form of sexual arousal.

Photos of "styles" are becoming increasingly popular amongst adult, niche forums, and gaining global fans speaking out against negative body image regarding lower back hair, in general.
by TMEMoFo August 30, 2012
The way in which something is said, done, expressed, or performed.
ex. A mode of living: the style of the very rich.
by sketchie July 24, 2003
A word frequently associated with street basketball meaning keen ability in controlling the ball via various dribbling move and tricks.
Damn see that boy dribble? He has mad styles!
by Anonymous July 29, 2003
To pass or to hand an object out of reach of the requester. Said with gratitude but also a hint of indifference. Origin: late 80s Vancouver.
"Style me that pen. No, not that one. The blue one."
by Presuming Ed February 01, 2008
a brother walkin thru the neighborhood, unknown to most inhabitants, but walkin and dressin sharp
man, that cat must be styles, he's stylin thru the hood like coolio
by hardy July 15, 2003
the attitude or self image portrade in a certain gang or group belonging to.
missy:yo, wuz ur style gurl?
marie:im representing tha HORI STYLES
by jordan July 27, 2003
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