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From Jamaican patois stylistical derivation: It means "style."

Currently the overused word of choice for British music critics, even (or especially) when it's completely inappropriate.
"Melodically, this track would hardly sound out of place, reworked in a Euro stylee, representing the UK at Eurovision."

- an NME review of Morrissey, fer chrissakes.
by shintriad June 05, 2004
Means "something."

A simple and wholesome way to get more swearing into your diet.
So do you wanna come over and watch a movie or someshit?
by shintriad July 06, 2006
Acronym. "Do What You Can Kid." From the 1992 Gang Starr track.
"DWYCK" is never mentioned in the joint DWYCK.
by shintriad October 24, 2009
Pseudo-Southern slang for really good marijuana.
"Son, I was smokin' on some BOSS tweed laz' night, ya done heard what I said?"

"Hellz yeah. Hellllllllllz yeah."
by shintriad March 02, 2007
It's like, when you're realllly stoned and shit, dude.
Dude, I'm hellafried.
by shintriad March 22, 2004
Basically, it can mean "very," "very good," or "very X," where X is an attribute frequently associated with the hellafied object in question.

Not to be confused with hellafried, hellafied comes from the back-formation of hella, queer-ass California slang for "very."

This site has definitions for hellified, an alternative spelling of the term.
"The bitch sucks a hellified dick."

- Dr. Dre
by Shintriad March 21, 2004
To learn while you urinate.

Refers to the whimsical practice of some ethnic restaurants playing language-lesson CDs in their washrooms in lieu of music.
I was at Alice Fazooli's today, and I learinated the Italian word for "table."
by Shintriad March 05, 2009
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