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A state of great excitement and joy.

Originated out of the mouth of a teenage girl who was so "styked" that she could not choose whether to use stoked or psyched to explain her excitement and it came out as one, beautiful word.
by Rachael Orianna March 13, 2005
17 2
(adj)emense happiness, elation, arousal, enthusiasm, excitement.
Katherine was styked to hear that Eddy was eating bacon, while Haley cried.
by Den Danger April 21, 2008
1 1
high off of energy drinks or a different form of hyper but not like hyper at all. Different people react differently to it. i, myself, laugh hysterically at everything. My friends and i had fun figuring this out.
"Dude i'm so styked" *laughs hysterically*"ARE - YOU - AS STYKED - AS I AM!?!?!"
by M.a.n.d.a April 12, 2007
2 4