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When someone is superstitious about something that another person thinks is silly or stupid because they don't believe it.
I don't get why some people freak out when a black cat crosses their path. What a stupidstition!
by samisummer June 05, 2011
A portmanteau derived from the words "stupid" and "superstition" (belief in supernatural causality—that one event causes another without any natural process linking the two events).
The young earth creationist's blind adherence to his stupidstition made it difficult for him to comprehend that astronomers have accurately measured distances of celestial bodies from Earth exceeding six thousand light years.
by ElmerGantry May 04, 2015
A belief that may have had some meaning in prehistoric times but none in the current scheme of things but people still blindly follow it
"Black cats bringing bad luck? That's one of the worst stupidstitions I've ever heard!"
by InedibleLlama April 22, 2015
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