Something that seems to be genetic
Teacher: What is 2x2
Kid 1: 4
Kid 2: 4
Kid 3: Bacon!
Kid 1&2: Have you ever heard of Stupidity
by Person of Earth May 31, 2011
Ms. Hoggard
Ms. Hoggard is the definition of an imbecile and has insane stupidity.
by TeresiaJames October 27, 2014
A failure to see things as they really are, the failure to be open to new information. A human being that is unaware of their surroundings. The learned corruption of learning. Unfortunately for us, stupidity rules the world.
George W. Bush isn't stupid because of his inability to speak. Rather, George W. Bush is stupid because he refuses to learn about policies, history, & public speaking.

Sources: Stupidity Documentary - Albert Nerenberg (Director) Rina Barone (Head of Research)

Go on YouTube and watch the BBC Documentary: Stupidity

Open your third eye
by nicjam December 20, 2013
Trying to impose on another person's relationship is stupid!

Not asking a person before you associate their name with something they don't like is stupid!

Putting an extension chord with a multi-outlet plug inside a blow up pool for a radio IS REALLY STUPID!

Writing about an Ex's new lady in a negative way because you won't get over the fact he broke up with you and has a new life, is stupid!
"Girl, you need to understand it don't matter who like you or what you're trying to accomplish! If a man say's he wants nothing to do with a relationship with you, he's been in a relationship with the lady he loves for several years now, it's about time to accept the stupidity of trying to wreck their relationship!"

Guy: WTF is this crap?
Girl: That site sosh told me to look at!
Guy: Woman, this is stupid! What kind of person writes crap like this?
Girl: IDK, it either says anonamus pseudo or everyday name, book, authors, politicians, comics,...
Guy: OMG, it that....? Oh that's just stupidity! *not even laughing* Glad I don't need that much attention! Woman don't waste your time with this! It really is stupid! Don't waste your time anymore! okay?
Girl: Okay honey! I'm starting to see all the thumbs down on the stupidity of her trying to live in the past!
Guy: Where am I now?
Girl: Well duh, I'm looking at ya. That's a stupid question!
Guy: And you thinking I'd ever be with somebody writing crap like that and I have somebody like you already is stupidity!
Girl: Hey!
Guy: Just sayin,...
Girl: stupidiy?
by HDLYpsychoHTMTTYawayw/you May 28, 2013
Stupidity is hard to hide. {Stupid, fool]
If you pay attention to what goes on around you
every day, you'll discover that stupidity is indeed
hard to hide. Because it's the lack of stopping
to think.
by Jim Clark April 19, 2008
The reason people write definitions of random idiots you've never heard of. See Samantha Yanske, Emily Chen, Carl Mueller, Jamie Dinardi, Tom Vanner, and Ginnie Telley, among countless others.
by Anonymous June 21, 2003
Ali ,Sagar ,scott , and most of the students at port moody secondary school.
Ali, Sagar and scott suffer from stupidity
by dk2112 May 31, 2011

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