Someone who is a stupid idiot.
I cant believe him. He is such a stupidiot.

Heidi: You are so conceited!

Jay: What does that mean?

Heidi: OMG! You are such a stupidiot!
#stupid #idiot #moron #imbecile #retard
by Babigurl Blucker September 03, 2007
Top Definition
A mix of stupid and idiot.(noun)

Variation: Stupidiotical (adjective.)
You're a stupidiot!
Stupidiotical people suck!
by Sabre October 28, 2004
a mixture of stupid and idiot. for those times when it's just easier to roll it up into one word.
fred durst is a stupidiot
by veekie February 06, 2004
A fusion of the words stupid and idiot. Used to describe a person of extreme imcompetence. Or a stupid idiot.
George Bush: I just launched 50 million nuclear bombs at Iraq.
Dick Cheney: What, you stupidiot you aren't even president anymore!

Guy1: Hey I hooked up with this hot chich named Bob.
Guy2: BOB?!?!? That's a boy's name you stupidiot, and my Bob is my brother!!!

#dumbass #stupid #idiot #george bush #gay
by Stupipdiot April 17, 2009
contraction: stupid + idiot
Honey, that`s not where the salad dressing goes in the refrigerator!
You`re such a stupidiot.
#stu #stoopid #dolt #dunce #rocket surgeon
by xavier reivax November 06, 2009
1. Someone who is a stupid idiot
2. A very stupid person
3. Generally, someone idiotic
Girl: Becky, your boyfriend is a stupidiot, he thinks the moon is made out of cheese and the sun is a sun, not a star.

#idiot #stupid #moron #dumbass #asshole
by BashStash March 27, 2015
a mixture of a stupid person and an idiot
don't be a stupidiot!

look it's a stupidiot
#idiot #stupid #faggot #dumb #goofy
by stupidiot March 01, 2007
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