Used when someone has done something so dumb, you can't decide whether to call them plain stupid or a darn idiot (hence the combination of the two into stupidiot). This insult is also a time saver, allowing you to give two insults for the price of one.
Marc: "I can't believe you got arrested for trying to sell weed to a cop! Jill, you are the biggest stupidiot I have ever seen!"

Lucy: "I can't believe Daren misspelled the word grapes on his project. He left off the E!"
Greg: "I know, what a stupidiot!"
#stupid #idiot #insult #diss #time #saver #stupidiot
by gawk June 13, 2009
Someone really stupid. see id
That mofo is one big stupidiot.
by moofoo April 23, 2003
A person who is both stupid and an idiot; a Blair
Blair is such a fucking stupidiot
#stupid #idiot #dumb #retarded #unintelligent
by wtfmynamewastaken June 14, 2015
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