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a very stupid person who wouldn't understand just being called stupid; commonly used for the stupidest people you will ever know who would try forever to figure out what the deviation between stupid and stupid face the way, there is NONE.
You are such a stupid face, stupid face!
by big MOMA October 22, 2004
One who makes a very idiotic action, generally one that could've been avoided with the use of common sense or basic brain functioning.
*Upon somebody running, slipping & falling right next to a wet floor sign*

Observer: Nice one, Stupidface!
by MegaTim!Ha! September 25, 2008
Some one with a dumbfound look on their face. A stupid face.
Me-You know Donald Castelow?

You- who?
Me- Stupid Face.
You- oh, yeah i know who your talking about now.
by san anto GUEY July 06, 2011
a playful word to describe someone who has offended you in a kidding kind of way
gordon: ohh your mom!
emily: stop being a stupidface
by emm™ November 06, 2007
A trait held by humans, giving them a face resembling stupid in its physical form.
Kayla Harry Potter Dryden has a very stupid face
by Andrydood March 15, 2010
when someone is just keeps making decisions that are SO stupid they dont deserve to live.
"Hey, did you hear he's going out with that girl again, even though we ALL know it was a horrible idea from the start?"
"I know, stupidface strikes again."
by youremakingamistake! August 24, 2009
A person that is stupid and has a face (example: Monique)
A person that has a stupidface
(example: Monique)
Monique has a stupidface.
Moniaue is a stupidface.
by Mista. Alex Waldbaum June 13, 2004
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