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13 definitions by MaryOfNazareth

Cutters are people who believe either they need to release pain through cutting themselves or cut themselves to try and feel something.
Some cutters have little slits up and down there are arms and try to cover it up.
by MaryOfNazareth September 05, 2004
573 186
A fabulous rock band from Chicago. Consisting of Mat, Jon, Garret, Greg, and Dan, all terribly good looking.
Kill Hannah's show sold out last night!
by MaryOfNazareth September 07, 2004
253 76
One of the hottest red heads, excellent snow boarder and alright skate boarder.
Did you catch Shaun White on the X Games?
by MaryOfNazareth September 04, 2004
275 102
Another way to say gross.
You just ate your own shit. That's totally grodie
by MaryOfNazareth September 01, 2004
79 21
A store girls 11 and under shop at when they want to look 16 and over. Filled with 'cute' cliche styles, like punk and prep, ready made for any wanna be.
"Oh my god, I so want to go punk this year, like Avril, let's hit Limited Too." Random girl
by MaryOfNazareth September 03, 2004
75 29
When someone's thong is hanging out
Girl, am I showing thongage?
by MaryOfNazareth September 01, 2004
60 15
A daydream, when you dream during the day.
A good CD and song by Saves The Day is In Reverie.
by MaryofNazareth October 22, 2004
50 14