Another name for a hardon.
joey busted a stunner on the dance floor the other night when he was bumpin with that chicka.
by jet boy September 27, 2007
Top Definition
Stunningly beautiful.
Have you seen this girl last night? Gosh, she was a stunner.
by fogey February 16, 2005
noun A person of either gender who is beautiful in every way, especially their sense of humour and behaviour/ generosity to others as well as aesthetically, often (but not exclusively) with great legs. Originally derived from adjective 'stunning' referring to physical beauty, but wider usages expressing socio-political, comedic or moral approval have developed recently.
1. Omg! Meera is such a stunner, i love everything about her!
2. Did you watch Made in Chelsea last night? Francis was on incredible form with his lines about Jesus, what a stunner!
by theofox2011 July 23, 2012
A hot chick. Usually of the glamorous style.
Common in Australia and England.
"Check out that stunner...too bad we aren't millionaire's."
by Diego September 05, 2003
A wrestling manuever where you wrap both of your arms around another person's neck and dropping down onto your ass while your back is turned toward them.If done correctly,the person who is receiving this should either choke theirself on your shoulder, bite their lip, jawjack theirself, or break their jaw (not to be attempted if you are drunk or suck at wrestling.)
Hey sucka,you bettuh back up about three feet before you catch a stunner!
by The GR8-1 May 16, 2003
A follower, fan, and supporter of the five girl pop group The Stunners which consists of Tinashe, Hayley Kiyoko, Lauren Hudson, Allie Gonino, and Marisol Esparza.
I am always, and forever will be a Stunner!
by xscribbled April 24, 2011
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