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Similar to the shocker, but here it is all 4 fingers in the anus, with the thumb in the vagina. Otherwise known as 4 in the stink 1 in the pink

Originates from Bethpage, 2004.
TJ just stunned another chick!
by jay August 01, 2004
At the club it said: No headgear, No sports apparel, No hoodies, No stunners, No baggy jeans.
by SnowFlake77 April 03, 2009
a wrestling move in which wwe superstar
''stone cold'' uses.
stone cold steve austin just stunnered vince macmahon what a classic.
by mark-xtreme September 26, 2004
the kind of girl that blows your hair back.
hey mate, have a geeza at that stunner over there
by Stickers April 20, 2004
Giving your partner pleasure then while in the heat of the moment pull out cum on there face lick it up and spit it in there eye
I Got a stunner last night now i'm Blind
by Demented_hamsteeeer January 13, 2009
A wrestling move that will kill your opponent.
Holy shit michael, you killed that baby with a stunner!!!
by jihad4lifee August 02, 2006
Similar to the Shocker, but the index finger goes in the girl's pussy and the ring finger and pinky go in her ass.
Jared went all out and gave that bitch a Stunner last night!
by boxcarjoes October 20, 2007