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to be completely full with food. in other words, stuffed.
i can't eat another bite. damn, i'm stuffed crust!
by yum1128 June 28, 2009
when you take the crust from a pizza and hollow it out, then you cum into it and shove it up a hoes pussy and blow into the crust make the cum shoot up dat hoes pussy
yo i impregnicated a bunch of hoes with some stuffed crust
by christian m November 27, 2007
Pwned became pizzoned. Maintaining the pizza theme, came stuffed crust. The act of being uber pwned.
Damn, you are freaking gizzay...stuffed crust!
by TK-421 February 06, 2005
A blunt, that's tightly rolled..with a good amount, of high grade cannabis.
I'm smoking, that stuffed crust.
by That Jiggy Nigga March 12, 2016
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