have intercourse with, fill (an orifice)
I stuffed that chick last week
I stuffed her cunt twice and her asshole once before she passed out drunk
by Prp Guy March 31, 2006

A project management term used to describe technical processes, particularly programming, to people who wouldn't understand them if they were described fully.
We'll rough you up a set of graphics and a project definition. When you've signed that off, we'll do stuff until the project is finished. The stuff will probably take about 3 months.
by kilkrazy January 10, 2005
Not-so-arguably the greatest magazine to grace this planet.
"I'm going down to the local literature merchant to aquire the latest publication of the fine men's magazine, Stuff"
by Arizek November 30, 2004
In reality, it means to fill something, as in the stuffing of a turkey. But in slang (and this is a slang dictionary), it can mean anything that there is in the whole damn world.

Suggestion: do NOT use this when conversing with your Language Arts teacher, they will get very annoyed.
teacher: how do you write a good essay kids?
student: i dunno, you just write some stuff...
by jimbobjoeshmoecheese January 24, 2004
To shove your cock into a womans vagina. To engage in sexual intercourse.
Hey, you see that girl over there? I stuffed that real good.
by Banky December 15, 2002
To stuff or be stuffed is to have sexual intercourse. It is often used in a derogatory sense; i.e. towards a typical sluttie, bitch, or other girl. But obviously a hot girl as this word is only for bros and bros only fuck or stuff hot bitches
Typical Guy 1: Sydney Peters is such a bitch
Typical Guy 2: Yea she is.... i still stuff her everytime shes drunk
TG 1: Yea who hasnt stuffed that stupid sluttie?
TG 2: Phhh idk maybe a bro hater, fuckin slut

TG 1: Ya no who i stuffed last night..........
by ThEbRoChImInH April 27, 2010
taking out tobacco in a cigar and then replacing it with weed
joe: i got some tree wanna smoke
J:fuck yeah but i aint got wrap
(j pulls out newport)
joe: man lets stuff dat bitch
by pothead101 April 14, 2009
To assemble a printed circuit board.

Origin: Before the 1990s, most electronic circuits were assembled by pushing ("stuffing") component leads through plated circuit through-holes. Most circuitboards now use surface mount parts that are not mounted in holes. Nevertheless, the word "to stuff" persists meaning to assemble parts onto a printed circuitboard, regardless of whether the parts pass through holes.
I can stuff the first board by hand and send the rest to a board stuffer.
by CircuitGuy August 17, 2008

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