vernacular to the yakima vally it'sw a euphemism  for shit.
"stuff head"
"peice of stuff"
"eat my stuff"
by dana March 10, 2004
When a female puts paper/tissue/etc into her bra. This results in making her breast seem larger, thus attracting males.
That bitch Leah went home to stuff her bra.
by Treg September 03, 2003
1. S uper T otally U seless F unny F acts
2. Something cool
3. Funny word for stuff
4. (anything, say STUFF randomly)
ex1. Friend: "wats sup"

You: "STUFF"
ex2. Friend:(holding stuff) "look at this stuff"

You: "That is STUFF!"
ex3. Friend: "Look at this STUFF "(points to noun or pronoun)

You: "lol"
ex4. Teacher: "We have a test today"

Student 1: "This sucks"

Student 2: "Yep, STUFF!!!!!"
by TheSTUFFZ April 18, 2010
One word to mean them all
(as stated in lord of the stuff ;) )
wow u can actually stuff that stuff into that stuff with out stuffing any stuff up ?
by Stuffie May 15, 2004
(n) a clothesline by Hilary Duff
"Oh my God. She's actually wearing clothes by Hilary Duff. Who in their right mind would wear something by her?? She's such a wannabe...
by HAHA April 10, 2004
To stuff = to fuck, as in by a guy who is just using you, a guy who wants to get his penis wet, a Man whore.
Don't go out with him, all he wants is to stuff you !
by Fly w/Tink January 03, 2009
Referring to drugs. Weed, pills, any drugs fall under the category of "stuff"
"Let me get some stuff", drugs, weed
by secretwords November 14, 2010
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