One who likes to shag men in graveyards.
Look at him behind the gravyard having a Studholme.
by Nick Harper October 29, 2003
Top Definition
(verb) to studholme.
To practically demonstrate the deep throat action as portrayed in many educational media publications. Usually performed with hairy legs and sideboards.
Stephen, tell your dad to stop coming to my house and studholming me all night. Im getting sick of having to walrus him.
by johhnyboygomez June 06, 2005
a person of unparalleled homosexuality
saw these shit stabbers hovering around the powerhouse last night - looked like a right pair of 'Studholmes'.
by wise goat October 29, 2003
One of unparalleled beauty and hetrosexuality blessed with an exceptionaly large penis
I was I was like studholme
by Studholme October 30, 2003
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