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2 definitions by johhnyboygomez

(verb) to studholme.
To practically demonstrate the deep throat action as portrayed in many educational media publications. Usually performed with hairy legs and sideboards.
Stephen, tell your dad to stop coming to my house and studholming me all night. Im getting sick of having to walrus him.
by johhnyboygomez June 06, 2005
3 0
verb 'to mince'
To spend 'quality' time with your gf when you could be having much better time with your mates and you know it.
In extreme cases one might say 'boiling a bag of mince'
Wheres steve wasnt he supposed to be coming for a surf?
Nah hes on the fucking mince.
Surprise sur-fucking-prise


You out on thursday
Nah mate im boiling a bag of mince
by johhnyboygomez June 08, 2005
7 15