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when a man suffers a long-lasting erection, and cannot get it to stop
tom: are you turned on or are you just happy to see me?
jack: neither, im stuck up and cant get it down
tom: phew
by fathead431 November 22, 2009
Someone who is rich and always gets what they want.
AJ at MTCHS is such a stuck up fucktard.
by PeterPark@MTCHS February 25, 2009
Someone who thinks they're smarter or better-off than others that they stick their noses in others' businesses.
Letty is a stuck up bitch. She can't stop sticking her ugly nose in other people's lives and affairs. But actually she is just a stupid skinny shit.
by Kate7854 August 14, 2006
Never willing to do nothing....act like a fuckin bitch
My aunt karen is so stuck up her daugter (sid) take after her I hate them bitches
by floetry June 16, 2003
see poway or poway high
what a dumb stuck up bitch chelsea leeg is!
by cpkkk April 09, 2005