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Combination of being strung out and hung over
Dude, I'm really paying for all the beer and coke last night. I'm so strung over I can barely think.
by ts August 27, 2004

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strung out
to be suffering from the unpleasant physical effects following the heavy use of drugs (with or without the use of alcohol), particulary drugs that deprive the user of sleep
after staying up all night on acid, i was feeling strung over
by larry burns October 03, 2004
a combination of being strungout and hungover. very struggling.
I did so much coke last night and drank 3 bottles of grey goose in the club, damn i am strungover!!!
by Leen Bean December 29, 2008
The aftereffects of using drugs. A hangover from drugs, rather than drinking.

Combination of hungover,drugs, and stoned.
After doing all that weed, Matt was so strungover.
by Marissa and Katie June 24, 2008