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9 definitions by ts

Nickname for basketball legend Darrel Dawkins. Famous for breaking back-boards and naming his dunks. It is also important to note that the name "Chocolate Thunder" was self given.
Chocolate Thunder, was generally over-rated while he played for the Sixers.
by TS August 11, 2004
Combination of being strung out and hung over
Dude, I'm really paying for all the beer and coke last night. I'm so strung over I can barely think.
by ts August 27, 2004
The act of recieving oral sex after having anal intercourse
damn jay got a shetty from laura R.
by TS September 18, 2003
A Gaming Legend, the benchmark for other gamers
by ts March 05, 2003
All Bark
*DEAD*Kidona I'm the fucking man bro, no one can mess with my shit
by ts March 05, 2003
See Butt Hook
Ususally found in the Injection Molding industry
by TS January 06, 2004
Boss who enjoys giving his HR manager a hard time on a on going basis.
While away from the office he sprays down your office with opressive and puke rendering pot porie bathroom freshener.
by TS January 06, 2004