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strugglingthe process of struggling
(when you see an ugly girl walk by)
"that girl was struggs"
by Tomas Yoo March 10, 2004
Short for russian-american rapper's name Struggle da Preacher
-Wudup Strugg!
by Tru Word April 26, 2013
a person who struggles through life.
Bryan is such a strugg.
by kingcurtis! August 18, 2010
noun. version of the word, struggle.
mike: dude that kid just ate shit on his skateboard.
matt: for sure, mad struggs.
by snowridinmofo August 29, 2007
California slang meaning "sucks"
Last call is at 2 am. Struggs.
by Trey Esposito July 08, 2005
The process of struggling. To have trouble doing something homework or to feel sick / crappy.
"I'm so sick. Talk about having the struggs"

"I'm never going to get all of this project done. I have a serious case of the struggs"
by Lindsay0009 June 04, 2005
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