In italian, turd or asshole or bastard; often used to offend, but it can be used also among friends without offending intention.
It means "piece of shit" (in italian: "pezzo di merda", which is also used with the same meaning of "stronzo");
when used to denote a real piece of shit (not in the figurative way), it often denotes an oblong piece of shit.
- Quello stronzo mi ha imbrogliato!
- That bastard cheated me!

- Ho uno stronzo che sporge dal culo, dov'è il bagno?
- (lit.) I have a piece of shit that protrude from the ass, where's the wc?
- (not lit.) I need the wc very urgently!

- Il cane mollò uno stronzo di dimensioni bibliche.
- The dog dropped a piece of shit which had biblic dimension (i.e., so big that it deserves a special mention in an important book)

(Tra amici che giocano a carte, uno mette giù un poker) - Ma che stronzo!
(Among friends playing cards, one of them put down a poker) - What a bastard!
by jeropot January 30, 2009
Obscenity from Italian--literally meaning "turd" but often used vocatively.
Hey stronzo! Are you going to help me or what?
by MightyKingFubar November 20, 2003
Italian slang for "asshole." Carries connotation of dumb-ass tendencies in addition to obnoxiousness.
"That fuckin' stronzo thinks he can do whatever the fuck he wants. Looks like it's gonna take our friends Smith & Wesson to convince the dumb fuck otherwise."
by Sport September 09, 2003
Literally "piece of shit" or "turd" derived from the verb stronzare, to shit.

Commonly used as bastard, bitch, or son of a bitch

Feminine: Stronza
Plural: Stronzi
Lasciami stare, stronzo

Leave me alone, turd!/asshole

Hai fatto una grande stronzata!

Lit: You made a big shit!
Fig: You really fucked things up!
by Squishypeaches April 14, 2009
(literally a "piece of shit"); when referred to people = insult referred to someone who's a midway between a asshole and a bastard, sometimes both ... depending on the construction of the phrase.
sei proprio stronzo = you are a "bad fellow" (kidding someone jokingly)
quello è proprio uno stronzo = that bloke is really a hopeless bastard
come si fa ad essere così stronzi? = how can anyone be such an asshole?
by pino-il-siracusano November 29, 2015
Someone who uses Italian words, even if there is an English equivalent.
Mary-Ellen said she would bring some "gelato". What a stronzo!!
by Da Worm September 09, 2008
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