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In italian, turd or asshole or bastard; often used to offend, but it can be used also among friends without offending intention.
It means "piece of shit" (in italian: "pezzo di merda", which is also used with the same meaning of "stronzo");
when used to denote a real piece of shit (not in the figurative way), it often denotes an oblong piece of shit.
- Quello stronzo mi ha imbrogliato!
- That bastard cheated me!

- Ho uno stronzo che sporge dal culo, dov'è il bagno?
- (lit.) I have a piece of shit that protrude from the ass, where's the wc?
- (not lit.) I need the wc very urgently!

- Il cane mollò uno stronzo di dimensioni bibliche.
- The dog dropped a piece of shit which had biblic dimension (i.e., so big that it deserves a special mention in an important book)

(Tra amici che giocano a carte, uno mette giù un poker) - Ma che stronzo!
(Among friends playing cards, one of them put down a poker) - What a bastard!
by jeropot January 30, 2009
Derogative for "gay" (like faggot). It is used also, between (male) friends, in the meaning of moron, asshole or similar, transmitting anger or disappointment for something, or just to mock.
(Una ragazza a un ragazzo che non la bacia): Ma che sei frocio?
(A girl to a boy who does not kiss her): But what are you, a faggot?

(Tra amici): 'Sto frocio non m'ha passato le risposte dell'esame!
(Among -male- friends): This asshole didn't give me the exam's answers!
by jeropot January 30, 2009
In italian, bullshit, big unbelievable lie; or huge mistake, wrong thing.
The word comes from puttana, but it is not clear the relationship between the meaning of puttana and the common use of "puttanata".
A: Sai che so saltare 57 metri?
B: Che puttanata!
A: Do you know I can jump over 57 meters?
B: What a bullshit!

A: Ho fatto una puttanata: ho tradito mia moglie con la sua migliore amica.
B: I did a mistake: I betrayed my wife with her best friend!
by jeropot January 30, 2009
It's like puttana, but it sounds "ancient", and it is mainly out of use, save for some context.
La baldracca aspettava a gambe aperte che la riempissi. (The whore was waiting with here legs open, so that I could fill her)
by jeropot January 30, 2009
Italian verb, from the noun coglione, meaning something like "to make (someone) an idiot (=coglione)", "to kid (someone)", "to cheat (someone)".
- Non starai mica coglionandomi?
- Aren't you kidding me, are you?
(coglionandomi is the gerund of the verb coglionare, suffixed with the enclitic pronoun "mi"; the verb "stare" + gerund of a verb, is a common contruction for the present progressive)

- L'ho coglionato alla grande
- I cheated him superbly
by jeropot January 30, 2009
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