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A street or area where prostitutes walk and offer their services. The stroll is frequented by tricks seeking sexual services.
I saw this girl I went to high school with on the stroll yesterday. She looked like she was smoked out.
by Red October 09, 2003
105 24
to wander in the hood.. to cruise in the car in the neighborhood..
i gave u tape full of dope beats to bump when stroll in your hood..
by Dr.DRE November 19, 2004
59 39
The act of casually trolling someone or thing.
Jeff: Hey you here Jane sent Scott a get well card after he lost that fight?

Carter: Yea, I had a nice lil sTROLL with him
by DCommon June 20, 2011
18 17
When you are going to get high or drunk.
Yo, lets go stroll at my place tonight
I havent strolled in over a week...
by amnesiatic August 13, 2011
12 17
a rolling stop which is performed at stop signs that aren't busy.
"dude slow down, thats a stop sign."

"yeah, but there's never any cars going through it so i just stroll through. i can stop if i see a car then."
by frankinator October 23, 2008
9 20
to leave, or to run from someone, escape, get away from
oh shit the feds!, im bout to stroll
by shawnise722 May 31, 2009
7 23
verb. to hook up in public
i went on a stroll with this really hot girl last nite
by Linus Mong November 17, 2006
12 33