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A performance, as in a burlesque act, in which a person slowly removes clothing, usually to musical accompaniment.
the stripper preformed a strip tease
by Tarryn March 28, 2005
The art of seductively removing ones clothing to provide pleasure/entertainment for other(s).
I did a striptease for my sisters fiance the night of his bachelor party.
by Belinda November 05, 2004
The "art" (wink, wink) of seductive dancing while removing clothing; performed by ecdysiasts
I love the was Lucious does her striptease!
by Terra Imperator May 13, 2004
a striptease is a dance where a woman or man undress them selfs as a show in order to get an arouwsal out of the veiwers
-hey baby gimmi a stripetease
by mac daddy April 02, 2003