noun. An avid fan of independent music, the indie music scene, and the garage band duo the White Stripes in particular. Often used derisively once one's favorite band becomes mainstream.
"He's such a stripey, he even has a generic t-shirt that says 'My Fave Band is {adjective + numeral}!'"

The stripey went underground once the Moby versus Eminem fiasco petered out.
by iacole February 27, 2005
Top Definition
any douchebag that hangs out at trendy bars wearing striped button up shirts that they bought at express for men.
Lets blow this joint. I dont like hanging at stripey bars.
by Jejune August 04, 2008
A name given to the striped animal for it's significance in the ecosystem.
The tiger is fondly called stripey.
by doodling June 29, 2011
Someone that is facinated by the music of the 'White Stripes' and teh american new gararge rock scene
stripeys or stripes are common in indie clubs and the internet
by Chav January 08, 2005

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