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When your nether regions have been exited to the point that nothing else matters, it dones't last very long
ooh urh ohh urh oh urh urg ahhhhhahhh
by Chav January 08, 2005
A person that views intelligence as unnecessary and nice behaviour as being homosexual. They consider themselves macho and seek out others especially groups to validate their lack of morals and animalistic behaviour.
'You look like a f*****g poof, you mosher' said to person that catches them in an aggressive mood
by Chav January 08, 2005
Derived from bell end
You're just a bilend, mate!
by chav March 27, 2005
a sleg who idolises funkyberry
Daniel Gadd idolises Chris Funkyberry Hunter in a perverse and erotic way that you and I would NOT find normal.
by Chav October 07, 2004
Someone that is facinated by the music of the 'White Stripes' and teh american new gararge rock scene
stripeys or stripes are common in indie clubs and the internet
by Chav January 08, 2005
A timid creature from the middle east terrorist also native to a small council estate in Runcorn. Has tendencies to mate at will regardless of the standard of the chosen mate. You can tell a po by its mating call that sounds like "you alright there how you doing?" be wary of this creature as it has a defective dna strand that results in irractic and inexplainable actions.
Passing hockey ball into friends face.
Dogging with Goofy
by chav April 08, 2005
Someone with a head shaped like a brussel spout
he looks like a turniphead - the gay there that has a head shaped exactly like a brussel sprout
by Chav January 08, 2005

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