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A hybrid between straight, and bisexual. The identifying with this sub-category requires a person to lean towards straight, but still having some features of the other.
A "stri" person will engage in bisexual acts, but only out of sexual feeling. Said person would never engage in relations of the same sex.
by mind~freak January 08, 2013
if a girl or a boy is goodlooking, you should call her/him a stri.
hi, nice to meet you, i think you are real stri.
by integrale August 18, 2006
Stri means which expands. Vistara, expands. I am alone. I accept wife, stri, and with her cooperation I expand. So one who helps me to expand, that is called stri. Every Sanskrit word has got meaning. Why woman is called stri? Because she helps, expanding myself. How expanding? Dehapatya-kalatradisu SB 2.1.4. I get my children. First of all I was affectionate to my body. Then, as soon as I get a wife, I become affectionate to her. Then, as soon as I get children, I become affectionate to children. In this way I expand my affection for this material world. This material world, attachment. It is not required. It is a foreign thing. This material body is foreign. I am spiritual. I am spiritual, aham brahmasmi. But because I wanted to lord it over the material nature, Krsna has given me this body.
There are 3 classes of less intelligent. They are stri, shudra and dwijabandu. .. Women, working class men and fallen brahmins.
by SanskritRoots October 31, 2011
Swedish for the combination of "stress" and "crisis".

This word describes the last thing you feel before you go under.
I think I'm in stris now, my wife is leaving me, my teenage daugther is having her child, I'm late for work and the car won't start.
by Tlainen February 19, 2008
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