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A co-worker' act of extending the duration of a business trip, at the company's expense, in order to pursue purely personal objectives, such as martini lunches, happy hours, steak dinners, golf, gambling, sporting events and generally avoiding spouse and children.
Wow, co-worker X has an impressive stretch working, he turned a four-hour business meeting into a three day trip, including, two steak dinners, some nice hangovers and a baseball game.
by MDM_1234 March 07, 2011
7 12
a tall, skinny person. not necessarily weak. used to greet someone.
whats up stretch?
by O&APartyRock December 21, 2010
111 19
(n.) A term of incarceration in prison
I was put away for a long stretch.
by JediAndi September 03, 2005
110 54
Casual Anal Sex
"Taylor do you want to go stretch for 15 minutes, I'm feeling really tight."

Meaning: "I'm horny I want to have anal sex"
by Horny John February 02, 2009
74 59
a long distance
whoy i ent goin there its a stretch
by WITTS.INC June 04, 2003
63 49
The gain of money or drugs used for the bettering of ones life.
"...cuz I accumulated enough stretch just to navigate it, fully decorated on chrome..."
Country Grammar - Nelly
by Brian August 14, 2003
46 36
A way of cutting cocaine or other drugs so you have more product to sell even though its gabbage.
I take grams of coke mix it with lactose, Thats what I do STRETCH. I make like a ounce of dope with like an 8th of dope Befo Im through, product STRETCH I got it mastered man and in the hood im like plastic man, STRETCH
by Pigorous June 02, 2011
10 8
A tall skinny person. A true beauty.
Ashely Storey is stretch
by Stretch July 10, 2014
1 0