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Another way of sayin $$$money .
Hey fatass! Come here. Give me your fucking lunch moolah you stretch govalis bitch!
by Kyle Smith July 06, 2004
The best all around defensive player in the NBA including rebounds and blocks.
Ben Wallace packed the fuck out of Shaq in last night's game.
by Kyle Smith July 07, 2004
A person who fucking smells a queef, or a pussy fart.
I was fucking some hoe in the ass just waiting for her to queef so I could quickly hop over and be the queef sniffer I am and take a whiff of that fart.
by Kyle Smith July 05, 2004
I think that D.N.Angel is a very interesting series, that will keep you intertained for a long time.
DNAngel is very very great!
by Kyle Smith April 21, 2005
when one fuckin fucks a fuck fuck fucking cow or bull
paul cow fucks every fuck fuck fuckin cow he fuckin sees
by Kyle Smith July 05, 2004
The way of saying dick, penis, or cock in the arabic language.
"Stick your zubbay right in my fucking cunt you horny betch!"

"With pleasure hoe."
by Kyle Smith July 05, 2004
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