Basically, you use ninja-like tactics to put a straw on someones person (pocket, hood, bag, etc.) The object is to do this without being caught. You get a point if the straw remains for three or more seconds. More points may be added depending on how badass it is.
Walking through a public place with ninja strawers (those who straw, or participate in strawing). Ninja strawers place straw in the hood of a person walking in front of them. Could also be placed in bags/purses, pockets, pants, etc.
by spicemuffin February 19, 2012
Top Definition
the act of inserting coffee straws into the coin slot of a 4 or 2 quarter Foosball table/Jitz table, to get a free game. usually can work on pool tables and air hockey tables =)
"yo, damn, dude we played like 100 games for free, cause the owner strawed the tables for us"
by jitz freak August 11, 2005
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