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Giant, pink, extremely fleshy nipples that bear a striking resemblance to strawberries.
Noticeable on a particularly pale chest
'I bet you that Miranda of Sex and the City has strawberry nipples'
by wilson. September 13, 2007
When a fat guy has man tits with large, red, point, fleshy nipples that look a lot like strawberries.
That kid Justin has really bad strawberry nipples. "Strawberry Nipples Forever"
by dr. hoodrat January 03, 2016
young girl, often named sherrie, covered in whipped cream with strawberries covering her nipples
"mmmm.. strawberry nipples..."
by Mike10951jf March 27, 2007
the sexy, juan ricardo's luscious nipples.
when i pinned him against the wall, his strawberry nipples were sharp enough to cut glass.
by Morgana December 11, 2003
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