The key to George W. Bush's presidency. Used by janky strategerists.
Dude: "How would you sum up your campaign in one word Mr. Bush?"
Bush: "Strategery"
by big Al February 03, 2003
Ability to strategize. Only applies to rowing (crew).
Coxswains, today you will show your strategery!
by rowerman January 27, 2009
Special unit batallion specialist tactics commando airborn tactics...Agent orange.
I used my strategery to thwart 'Charlie'
by Billy Ray Valentine, Capricorn September 29, 2003
N. Strategic (dumb-ass) planning on the part of one or more persons.
"The Bush administration used lots of strategery to overcome the environmentalists and their silly concerns about human health and natural preservation"
by Anonymous August 21, 2003
Used in a Saturday Night Live sketch in which Bush (Will Farrell) uses the word as his response to sum up the Iraqi War.
Stategery is how we will win this war.
by Brian Hendricks November 01, 2004
He may not have said that, but that is the least of his well-documented fuck ups. Saying he is a west texas girl at a recent press conference is of greater concern, and hilarity. Thankfully, his sagging poll numbers indicate we will no longer have to put up with a C student for a President much longer. No one doing this shitty this early has ever been re-elected, and this west texas belle will not be an exception.
I can't wait till G-Dubs is booted out of office in Novemeber, and someone with a firm grasp of the english language and at least a moderate level of syntax is voted in. Not to mention the ability to articulate that he is, in fact, a male.
by Franken June 13, 2004

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