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uber is somewhat correct, but the word SHIZA isn't.
The German word for shit is Scheiss, or Scheisse (nouns have the first letter capitalized).
An example would be:
Ich habe ein uber scheiss!
I have a huge shit!
by UBERMONKEY February 23, 2005
The highest form of political strategy.
The Bush Strategery has taken him from a first term Governor to his second term as President - all within ten years time.

The Bush Strategery has left a long list of dethroned Democrats in its wake including Ann Richards, Al Gore, Tom Daschle, Howard Dean, John (F) Kerry, and John Edwards.
by ubermonkey November 04, 2004
A Subwoofer is an audio device (a transducer) that converts an audio signal that has been filtered (by a lowpass filter) so that the signal does not damage the Subwoofer. Typically, the subwoofer is used to play the low end of any audio, in the 200-800 Hz range, though some may be more narrow, or broad in their spectrum.
A giant subwoofer in the car, is like a hammer to the head. COMPLETELY USELESS. Go ahead and do some ghetto blasting, but WTF dude? get a life. Listen to your music, don't harass others with it.
by UBERMONKEY February 23, 2005
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