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1.Someone who moves at snail-pace and holds everyone up


2. an an individual or individuals who are the last to leave a party or bar because they're too drunk or too stupid to get out when leaving is implied. They usually have to be told directly "it's time to go!"
1.(In a group of friends walking down the street) "Damnit, look at those 2 back there, somebody better hurry those straglers up!"

"Get outa my house straglers! It's over!"
by Lesbianation November 18, 2007
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A drunk chick that has been separated/ditched from her group of friends. Usually in need of a ride home or a place to go since she has probably lost her cell phone. Frequently found after last call, concerts, and parties.
A. Hey where did dave go?

O, he went to round up some straglers at the bar and bring them back for us.

B. Any luck tonight guys?

Nope, let's go find some straglers.
by thatguy911 August 07, 2011
a hoe, or a dirty ass bitch.
Dat nasty bitch is a stragler.
by Nikko February 04, 2004
When looking for females/males to engage in intercourse with...Females/males that are available in the area.
"yo you trying to go up to the movies and chase these straglers?"
by StackS December 14, 2004

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