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sore, wore out.
After branding calves all day I am pretty well stove up.
by Magnum Creek Ranch April 29, 2004
- to have pain or soreness on such a level that one is unable to get up or move from the couch/bed.
After that party last night, I was so stove up that I could hardly move.
by Trevor Morgan May 20, 2007
Stove or Stoved up.
A rural Northwest saying that means Sick, ill, tired or injured, especially during winter. to the extent that all a person can do is put more wood in the stove in order to stay warm.
Joe is all stove up with a bad chest cold, I should go check on him and cut him some wood.
by mountain dude January 24, 2014
Past tense of stave - to jam smash inward
My back is all stove up.
by M. Paul September 20, 2004
Swollen and badly bruised. Phrase primarily in rural, folk or country use in the USA. Often used to refer to an eye that is so swollen and black (usually due to a fist punch), it appears closed over.
On COPS, they showed a woman who'd been beaten up by her boyfriend; her face was all stove up.
by david lincoln brooks October 09, 2007

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