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When an uncircumcised man slides his foreskin over top of another mans circumsised penis and proceeds to jack the man off with his foreskin. Its like the tight sleeve fitment of stove pipes, hence the name stove piping!
Man, Pasquallys foreskin is a real tight fit!! He could barely roll his foreskin over my cock! It was just like we were stove piping in a wood stove!
by DUFMAN March 31, 2008
The act of an uncircumsized man stretching his foreskin over the tip of a circumsized mans penis resembling how stovepipe is put together.
I caught them stovepiping and damn near puked but at the same time I kind of felt left out...
by RigPig January 17, 2011
An act of sodomy in which the giver repeatedly withdraws the penis fully from the rectum of the receiver, usually resulting in a gape, and forcefully reinserts it.
"Dude, I was stovepiping Mary last night, now her asshole won't close!"
by TheBlanker December 27, 2007
The act of placing the head of one's penis inside the foreskin of another's penis, but whoever gets a hard on first is a fag and has to jerk the other stovepiper off
AJ and Paul were stovepiping it up, AJ being the fag he is got a hard on....and had to jerk off Paul. Stovepipin' aint easy
by kombucha20 August 08, 2009
Taking it in the ass
George Dubya enjoys the odd stovepiping
by Da Man July 16, 2004
The sexual act of two fags touching their penises together at the ends, then one fag will push his foreskin over the other fags penis, and then pull the other fags foreskin over his own penis. Also known as mutual masturbation.
Jim was stovepiping last night with his buddy, and now his foreskin is full of schmegma.
by Skelly May 18, 2005
To lick ones finger and touch a persons asshole in an inappropriate situation such as in a bar, church or resturaunt. To perform a proper stove piping the person must be a stranger. The name refers to the surprised yell of the victim.
I gave that broad a real stove piping last night
by JP408 June 06, 2007
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