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Stuck up/unfriendly/pretentious
"I didn't want to take the job, because everyone working there was stoosh" or

"that club is stoosh
by Hafez June 05, 2003
A phrase that could express a form of excitement, joy, or just a completely rad thing that happened or is going to happen.
"YO DUDE, my friend and I were walking to get falafels and while we were doing that we saw pit bull. It was so stoosh man!"
by stooshing September 07, 2015
The slick substance that is squirted from the nether-regions of a capable female at the height of clitoral orgasm, usually accompanied by speaking in tongues and an apparent possessed rolling back of the eyes and twitching.
I ate Claire's pussy so good that she stooshed all over my face!

Jenna finally broke up with me because I went round and had forgotten to wipe Claire's stoosh off my chin
by belgianwaffler91 July 19, 2012
Any person that is rich; a rich object.
Dis computa stoosh! (This computer is “stoosh”!)
Mi live inna stoosh place. (I live in a rich place.)
by Paulisdabomb October 12, 2005
to hide, to stash away
Hey! I forgot my keys. Can you "stoosh" them outside somewhere for me?
by MrBJ May 21, 2009
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