Stupid to the extent that you can't even spell the word itself.
That dude is so stoopid that he spells the word "stupid" with two "o"s.
#stupid #unintelligent #moronic #intellectually challenged #dumb
by Pipe Downn November 01, 2008
(adj.) -- The act of being stupid, but more in the way of being foolish than being really stupid.
"Hey, don't be so stoopid, Danny! What were you thinking, driving with your eyes closed like that!"
#stupid #foolish #people #ideas #time
by PRwiz101 November 01, 2009
Term used to refer to someone as funny, silly, crazy, ect.

*Not to be confused with the term " Stupid " under any circumstances.*
him: Dangggg that girl is sooooo ugly!
Me: LOL! yu are sooooo stoopid !
#stoopid #stupid #funny #crazy #silly
by ohsofrxsh October 18, 2010
Stupidity made manifest by a non-stupid person. Such seemingly stupid behaviors issue from otherwise intellectually intact people suffering from attitudinal problems such that the will to act stupidly becomes unalterably manifest.

Whereas stupidity cannot be cured, stoopidity requires nothing more than the willingness of the person acting as if he were actually stupid to do otherwise.

The problem with stoopidity and where it differs from ignorance lies in the fact that the ignorant man, having come to realize his deficiency will endeavor to correct his condition. The stoopid man, however, will consciously refuse to change.

Therefore, stoopidity is primarily a condition of attitude, will, and the conscious choices that follow therefrom.
Used in the precise same way as "stupid", the only difference being the connotation that the stoopid person is that way by choice rather than due to some unavoidable condition.

Therefore: "Man that guy is stupid," should mean that the person in question is, in fact, unalterably stupid by birth, head trauma, brain lesions, or whatever condition that may cause such a state of existence to arise. Such a person cannot be held accountable for his state of being.

"Man that guy is stoopid," connotes a person who has no justifiable excuse for his stupid behavior; that he actually chooses to act stupidly for whatever reason and will not alter himself despite having been shown his error.
#stoopyd #stupid #stupidity #idiocy #doltishness
by Ōsan May 24, 2012
Just all out ridiculousness. Whether it be in stupidity or a form of craziness (not mental crazy).
Matt and Mic were walking around in Flamingo costumes. Those two are stoopid...with 2 O's.
#stupid #funny #crazy #ridiculous #sweet
by XCkidd September 27, 2010
The Hawaiin pronunciation and spelling of stupid.
That whitey's stoopid.
#dumb #ignorant #lame #goofy #retarded
by studium January 25, 2010
when you and your friends are baked, and someone tries to make a funny joke or say something intelligent that makes no sense, you respond by simply yelling the word STOOPID! at them.
Darrel: hey man what if someone made a nest in a huge christmas tree and lived in it for a few days

everyone looks at Darrel as if hes an idiot

Shaun : STOOPID!
#stupid #stoopid #baked #high #weed
by joey jo joe jr shabadoo January 16, 2010
Extremely, very; a lot.
"Dude, he is stoopid fly!" "Damn, you bought stoopid chips for this party! We'll never be able to eat all these!"
by Seph November 04, 2002
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