a person who reveals information. also referred to as a snitch, rat or tattle taler
he/she is a total stooly
by bolgeez February 02, 2010
Top Definition
1> a rat
2> a guy who tells the cops or other authorities of wrongdoings
3> The guy in prison movies who winds up being either killed in the prison riot, or getting pounded in the ass untill he dies of rectal trauma
1> You fuckin Stooly ratbastard
2> that fuckin Stooly ratbastard told the cops about the weed!
by Chad of Arimithea October 30, 2006
A name given to a guy who is a larger then life fan of giving butt love to the ladies.
Woman : When Stooly is in my butt you know it's love.
by Toque August 13, 2003
adjective or adverb 1. made of or pertaining to feces 2. a nice way of saying shitty, or something is not to one's liking
Steve: Did you see that rendition of the Mona Lisa a the Modern Art Museum?

Perry: Yeah. I saw it. It was a little stooly for my tastes though. And it looked nothing like the original.
by georgelopez April 03, 2009
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