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Stoned, unmotivated, idiot, boring, fiend, clumsy, greedy, selfish, unsociable, silly, lazy friend/person.

But also a word which can be used for lot of different things'.
Stop been such a fuckin "stoob" and come out with your friends' you paranoid blazer.
Playing a poker machine, you loose all your money "hitting the machine" you fuckin stoob.
Your stoner friend is doing something so simple and basic yet he cant help but been so clumsy and -re(Short for retard)', "such a stoob".

Your blazed out friend says something he thinks is quite funny', eeeeeerrr, shaking your head, laughing at his pointless remarks, "fuckin stoob".
Waiting over-time for pizza to be delivered "where and what the fuck are these stoobs doing with our pizza".
by SteevO in auz June 08, 2009
54 30
good quality,
that watch is stoob!
by Peter Evans February 20, 2004
72 60
A very old lady that has boobs sagging to her stomach. Stomach + Boobs = Stoobs.
Tommy: Look at that old lady!
Katie: I know! Just look at her stoobs.
Tommy: They are so gross.
by AzKtEGTwus October 12, 2011
11 3
noun- a cigarette

verb- smoke a cigarette
"I'm smokin a stoob"

"I need to go stoob"

"Just stoobin over here"
by itsjustmesmokin January 10, 2012
4 5
turd or shit
"I just shoved a big stoob out my ass."
"I just took the biggest stoob."
by stoob this October 18, 2012
0 4
An noun used to refer to a stupid or dumb person. Usually novices in experience. A term used to denote mild mental retardation. A "stupid noob".
Person #1: Really? So he's just going to Taser himself in the crotch?

Person #2: Yup, what a stoob.
by Kordwaly January 03, 2011
4 12
Stiff Boob (plural Stoobs)
by Travisisnotgay September 07, 2010
1 11