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A man's semen while in his genitals or after it's been released.
Friend 1: So what happened with you and that chick last night ?

Friend 2: After I fucked the shit out of her, I started shooting my stoo in her mouth. She tried to pull away so I grabbed her and said "finish all your stoo, bitch."
by juskishi August 04, 2007
23 10
Semen or ejaculate: inside or outside of organs
Girl: Why is my eye stuck closed?
Random Guy: Because, I stooed in it bitch!
by Tony1974 August 01, 2007
30 12
n. short for stupid
"Dude, where's the milk?"
"It's in the fridge, you stoo."
by analthrasher98 October 16, 2013
2 0
One who is totally amazing and perfect in every way. Usually very modest.
You are so cool and amazing! You are such a Stoos!
by raiths2s December 14, 2007
4 7
The injecting,smoking,or free basing of any illegal substance.
Mother: Why are you acting so funny?
Ricky: I am pretty sure I just stooed every drug known to man.
by Tim and the boys April 13, 2004
4 29