a massive house party
you having a new years stomper?
by lilabZ December 28, 2012
Top Definition
usually a huge sraight letter piece done by graffiti artist.
yo, that stomper took up that whole rooftop.
by serg padilla December 04, 2003
A giver of crushing blows using the soles and heels of ones boots; One who steps on his opponent in a violent swift motion.
The scumbag learned the hard way what a stomper can do when he gave the skinheads trouble.
by Geezer December 06, 2003
A particularily large doobie or joint
Cheech: Twist up a stomper, Chong
by SCrow December 04, 2006
one who likes to beat up others then have sexual intercorce while they are unconsciuos
i stompered on that fool last week
by justyin January 11, 2005
A person who participates in a cult which resides in a big hall where there is singing, dancing, humming and rimmming
"I'm mighty proud to be a stomper"
by Murray April 27, 2003
A rear wheel drive automobile, usually Japanese made, having high horsepower and large wheels and tires, typically in the rear.
"Dude, did you see that black Toyota Supra with the 19" Volks and 285 tires? "That thing is a freakin stomper"
by Illtech Auto Salon December 02, 2007
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