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The short form of schedule. Never spelled; only spoken... until now.

Pronounced (sK-edge).
G: Yo B, want to kick it in the park with some 40's?

B: Yeah I dunno, have to check the schedge, G.
by SCrow December 05, 2006
The act of reducing the noise subseqent to the execution of a bowel movement in a public bathroom facility.
Person 1#
The bathroom at work was packed this morning! I even resorted to splash damping to save myself from embarassment!
Person #2
WTF is splash damping
Person #1
You know... You put TP on the water before you drop one?
Person #2
That's enough. Why did I even ask.
by SCrow January 04, 2007
A particularily large doobie or joint
Cheech: Twist up a stomper, Chong
by SCrow December 04, 2006
times; instances

From the motion picture Pootie Tang
Pootie tang done wampata to the bammies many tine tanies
by SCrow November 30, 2006

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