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A MEM (Marine Engineering Mechanic) in the Royal Navy. Also known as Bilge Rats and Spanner Wankers. Usually recognised by the greasy blue overalls and wearing a pair of ear defenders around their necks.
Wiggy: There's smoke coming out of the engine room.
Slinger: Call the Chief Stoker, he's on duty tonight.
#stoker #spanner wanker #bilge rat #royal navy #sailor
by Mr Rusher August 17, 2007
stoker, a small item, such as a twig, bobby pin or a toothpick which is used to un-clog a cone peice of a bong.
"We need a stoker"
"Dude that cone was totally hard to pull, next time stoker it"
"It may need stokerage"
#stoker #smoking #bongs #pot #australia
by nonleaded February 23, 2006
Large wheels on a skateboard. They look the same as regular skatboard wheels but they are wider with incased ballbearings.
Check out my new stokers, dude!
#skateboard wheels #oversized wheels #cadillac stokers #surfer term #skater term
by Oblaidon November 02, 2006
the person riding on the back of a tandem bicycle
I was the stoker for our last ride on the tandem.
#behind the captain #2nd rider #back rider #person in back #assistant
by Mark Ee February 21, 2006
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