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A man sets his pubic hair on fire, usually with a lighter while under the influence of alcohol. Bigger is better.

The female equivalent of a bushfire is a swampfire.

Levi did the best Bushfire at the party last night

Yeah Andrew tried to do a Bushfire too, he burnt himself and now he's got blisters

I could never do a bushfire - I'm too hairy and the house would catch on fire
by L Bailey July 07, 2006
lesbians rubbing genitalia together to the point of orgasm
last night Barbara and Nicoloe, after a bottle of tequila had such a wild bush fire they burned their house down.
by perfusion girl April 23, 2003
when a man inserts a lit ciggarette into a womans vaginal cavity and smokes it from her vaginal cavity and gives the lucky lady pleasure for days, makes her weak at the knees. her knees collapse and she goes blind.
guy " dont worry , it'll be fine"
girl " nooo!
guy " its not haram its halal"
girl "ok then"

dad "where are you going"
girl "i dont know daddy, i cant see. i have bush fire!"
by lil zayn February 05, 2011
The heat and steam generated from a male and a female having sexual intercourse in the missionary position, where an excessive amount of the up and down motion occurs, and when both parties have an unkept lawn.
This bushfire results from the same way that a standard bushfire is created. Ie. Like rubbing two sticks together and heat is generated.
by Etak_soda September 24, 2011
Similar to heartburn, Bushfire occurs when one is sitting down and farts. What happens is the fart rises up through your crotch and starts a fire in your pubic hairs, hence the name bushfire.
Once, in class, I was sitting down and got bushfire.
by lolman8776 June 22, 2015
the forest or bush is caught on fire and evrything burns down.
firefighters are called to the seen to help control the fire
by sarah March 21, 2005
Refers to a woman suffering with a yeast infection on her genitalia, a symptom of which is said to be a burning sensation.
"What's up with you Decker, didn't yer leg over last night?"
"Shit, I ain't goin' near that bitch, she's got bush fire!"
by the_frodigy January 28, 2008
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